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welcome to my dollhouse!

welcome to my silly little web dollhouse! my name is rina and i’m a 24-year-old chronically online idiot (please save me) i like music, video games, visual novels, fantasy, fashion, dolls, computers, and more!

please don’t expect to find my social media links on here, or anything too serious and proffessional, and remember to have fun! :3

the song i listened to recently was Angelus ― gossip girls
and my top song for the month is 100 gecs ― mememe

if things look wonky please press ctrl+f5, to clear your cache!

quick updates:

02/02/2023 02:51pm • this website finally has properly working blog :D

30/01/2023 10:21am • guestbook finally available sign it?

28/01/2023 97:35pm • as cool as WAP and gemini were, they’re now removed.
it’s too much effort to update the same site 3 times...

25/01/2023 • since my previous main domain has expired, i had to move everything on here...

you may or may not be able to rickroll yourself off this website, try to find how :)

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